About the Brand

Unearthedco.com is an online Vegan Marketplace for affordable certified vegan fashion and cosmetics. I created the brand at Nottingham Trent University as part of my final dissertation, off the back of researching deeply into sustainability, and finding out the #1 thing you could do to significantly reduce your environmental impact is to go vegan. I at that moment in time was not a vegan, and this one single fact from the most comprehensive study to date from Oxford University, made me become one instantly. How could I preach about sustainability knowing I was consuming animal products which was a huge part of the problem? I felt like a hypocrite.

In the early stages I found it incredibly difficult transitioning from a burger eating gal to a full-blown vegan... but surprisingly not on the diet side of things. The difficulty came with switching up my wardrobe and makeup drawer (duh) with vegan alternatives.

WHY? A whole lot of green-washing from cosmetics brands & a lot of blurred lines when it comes to whats vegan and whats not with clothing. Put it this way, I bought a moisturiser that in bold read "VEGAN" to later find it contained honey. I found that unless certified by a certifying body, any brand can slap the word "vegan" on a product as a marketing ploy, without it being fact-checked before ending up on store shelves. With clothing its not so black and white either... wool, silk, leather, all from animals... and the finishing & the dying process, well thats a whole other story! - in short: some dyes come from crushed beetles.

ANYWAY, I had a problem that needed fixing and so decided to set the record straight. First and foremost for myself... but then I found out 80% of 1000 surveyed vegans also had the same issue. Shopping for vegan fashion and beauty was a tedious task. So then this really all became bigger than just me.

TRUST ME when I say I should have been arrested for the amount of tabs I had open on google when hunting for CERTIFIED vegan beauty and fashion products... I kind of just got used to the sound of my laptop fan being so loud from overheating. & then one day, frustrated at how slow my laptop was being, I thought, why on earth is there not one online store for this? theres Amazon, and Beauty Bay and ASOS... why is there no vegan or sustainable option? where people can TRUST that every single brand is vegan certified, and they don't have to have 1001 tabs open filtering through t-shirts with "#vegan" plastered all over them. Just because we've made a moral choice to go vegan... why must we be denied fashionable items? & why must they be so damn expensive? & WHY are there only really options for women? I had a ton of questions, questions I could not believe did not yet have an answer... 

So I created Unearthedco.com. A non-judgemental site, that focuses on style, quality affordability & accessibility... I wanted to reframe and re-write veganism & sustainable fashion. I wanted to get rid of the misconception that veganism was a hippie centric, salubrious lifestyle choice for the privileged white middle-aged woman. On Unearthedco.com I wanted to show that vegan & sustainable fashion and beauty, is for everyone (so sizes on the site currently reach up to 2XL, and models from different diverse backgrounds get their well deserved spotlight), & that this lifestyle can be young, fashionable and cool, all whilst not breaking the bank (the site stocks products from as little as £4.99) In doing so I really hope we leave a legacy, and by providing people with the affordable, fashionable vegan & sustainable product options they desire, we do our bit to make the world a better place.